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Drawings | Sculptures 

I would take my sketches and image trace the design using Adobe Illustrator in order to convert the geometry into an SVG file type. 

At that point, I' was able to extrude my 2D drawings into 3D physical objects using a 3D PolyPrinter 229 and KISSlicer. 


The image above was comprised of custom vector artwork printed on transparency paper and projected using an old overhead projector

caca-Current View.png
caca3-Current View.png

The images and videos above were digitally sculpted and painted using the

Oculus Rift VR headset and the program Medium.

Untitled_Artwork 11

The images above were compiled from original drawings and paintings using a series of different mediums and overlays.

Watercolor, fountain pens, acrylic paint, and the software Adobe Fresco, Photoshop, and Procreate. 

Texture - noun - the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.



Texture Challenge | An Exploration of the Elements

October 7, 2020 

The challenge was to encourage student's to create for the sake of exploration and understanding the process of trail and error when approaching new software. Here is my tutorial on how to use the application Autodesk Sketchbook to create mixed-media using blending modes.  I believe that exploring nature or your surrounding environment and capturing macro images is a great place to begin the ideation process by using layers and overlaying each photograph or drawing onto another image or design.

The application Autodesk Sketchbook is free to download and accessible on most devices. 

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